Privacy Policy

Hi. We may hold your data:

  • On our computer’s hard drive when you have emailed us for any reason, or you are attending one of our workshops and communicate with us.
    • We use this data to communicate for day to day business reasons.
      • Rarely, we may send you an email to let you know about an article we have written or a course we are running if we think it might be of interest to you
      • We might ask you a question about the type  of challenges you have in business, or follow up questions about the workshop you are attending
      • That’s it. You can ask us to delete your details if you do not want to hear from us
    • We do not share your data with anyone else.
    • We don’t send cold call emails because it irritates us to receive them, so why would we irritate you?
    • Thanks to email back ups, your email address will be held in the Cloud by Apple, probably on a server in the USA. We trust they look after it. If you are uncomfortable with that, we can delete all emails from you on our computers.
    • Anytime you want to, you can write and ask us to remove all your emails from our computer. We will happily do so.
  • On Mail Chimp, a commercial email distribution programme. This is if you have signed up for our articles either on a form in a workshop, or online through our website on online articles.   (Unless you are the Russian bot that really likes adding incomprehensible names to our Mail Chimp database).
    • Sometimes, rarely, we will send notice of a course we are running, but usually as a link from an article.
    • Again, we have no idea where Mail Chimp store the data, but it is probably in the USA.
    • All our Mail Chimp emails enable you to unsubscribe.
    • We ask for telephone numbers in our Mail Chimp sign up. We use this ONLY if we have a problem with your email address bouncing (and you are not the aforesaid Russian bot)
  • If you “like” our Yes! And page on Facebook or link to us on Linked In (or we meet you and request to link to you).
    • We don’t actually hold your data on these platforms, although we are able to download the data from Linked In and have done so to manage some research we are carrying out on leaders’ issues with teams. We only research with people we know or have known personally.
    • Again, we share our articles and the occasional course notice on these platforms. You can unlike or unlink from us as per the policy of those platforms.
  • On an Excel database supplied through Electric Marketing (UK)
    • We have in the past sent cold call letters using commercially available databases, to which you have added your details. Electric Marketing assure us that all data is held and supplied within GDPR rules.

That’s it. If you have any questions or concerns, please write to John Brooker at [email protected] (unless you are a Russian bot, in which case you know what you can do).