How Can You Achieve Tough Targets?

Achieve challenging  targets with unconventional thinking. Our Team Impetus Workshops encourage that and deliver a Progress Canvas for you to monitor and communicate progress.

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Here’s How

To achieve your targets, have your team use the  Team Impetus model, based on Solution Focus tools. Your team:

  • Creates a shared future, it doesn’t dwell on the past
  • Focuses on progress, not on what’s stopping the team
  • Asks what is different, not what is wrong
  • Looks for capabilities, not weaknesses
  • Seeks interaction not introspection
  • Takes small steps rather than build large action plans.

It works and delivers a Progress Canvas for you to use to monitor progress. It’s positive, constructive and uses your team’s strengths and capabilities to effect change, whether your targets are for day to day operations, or a major project. Interested? Willing to invest up to two days to work on it?

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“I took part in John´s Team Impetus Training in Cologne in January and what I gained from it was worth a lot more than what I had to pay. John´s approach to Training and Workshops is fun, stimulating and creative and the tools he has developed (such as the Team Impetus Model) are very effective in any context. I have used them with great results in various professional and private situations. The workshop also brought together a unique blend of participants with different professional backgrounds who were a pleasure to collaborate with and who were willing to share their own experience, insights and expertise with the rest of the group. In combination with John´s skills as a facilitator and teacher the group offered me a memorable and profitable experience.” Michael Sauer. Consultant.

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To learn more about our Team Impetus Workshop to shape a strategy to achieve tough targets or to re-engage teams, please download the brochure here Achieve Tough Targets Brochure.

Facilitate Team Strategy and Engagement – In-House Course

Or for in-house courses, download the brochure Facilitate Team Strategy and Engagement brochure In House course.

Solution Focus Case Study

Download to listen on a mobile device (right-click and select “Download”) Listen to this podcast of John Pelton MBE, now Programme Partner Director (Transcend) on the London Crossrail project, as he discusses how Solution Focus and Yes! And helped him to achieve a tough target of £1.5 billion savings on the UK government’s HS2 (High Speed Train2) Phase 1 project budget. Learn how Solution Focus can help you engage people, minimise resistance and achieve your targets more quickly. We apologise for the intermittent “creaks” on this podcast, it was the internal structure of the building in which we recorded the interview, not our joints.

To read a transcript, click here Tough Targets – JP interview transcript. Guaranteed creak free.

Learning Articles

Achieve Targets Faster Article

Leaders in organisations today have to achieve ever more challenging targets. To achieve them faster, they need their teams to step up to the challenge, to form a clear and shared direction, engage and collaborate within the team, with other teams and with clients. Does this describe your situation? Read ten actions you can take to achieve this, to give your team impetus, let them “fly” and achieve targets faster. Download the article Achieve Tough Targets Faster and see the Team Impetus model below. Or for a version for individuals, download this article Achieve Your Targets Faster.

Prevaluate – A Tool to Achieve Tough Targets Article

If you have a tough target, how can your team increase the odds of achieving it? Here is a case study, where a team used a simple tool to do just that. Click on the link to download it now: Achieve Tough Targets Prevaluate Tool

Ski Jump Model to shape strategy and create impetus

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Use a Proven Model

We have proved this Model with teams at all levels, in different organisations, countries and cultures.


Create a Trusting Environment

We create a trusting environment that encourages people to express their views and put forward their ideas.


Document Evidence

We fully document the output of your workshop in your favoured format, recording all decisions and actions.


Take a Realistic Approach

We encourage achievable short term actions not an action list to abandon on contact with the day job.


Support Implementation

Post event, we can coach you and the team in short, flexible, interventions, to maintain energy and focus.


Flex duration and size

We structure the workshop to your needs, from a half day to a set of workshops with any size of group


Achieve Targets

However tough your target, this workshop delivers a strategy to achieve it and the impetus to implement it.


Full Participation

Your people contribute with more commitment and honesty so you are more likely to achieve your targets.


Convince Stakeholders More Easily

Clear evidence lets you build a business case quickly and sell your strategy to decision makers more easily.


Execute Your Strategy

Your team take action soon after the workshop and make it more likely you will execute your strategy.


Sustain Impetus

You sustain the impetus to execute your strategy with minimal impact on your operation.


Fit Around Your Operational Needs

You ensure minimal disruption and less stress for your people by fitting work around your operation.



Infrastructure Company

This infrastructure company had to save £1.5 billion from its programme budget, across several projects, with no loss in quality or value. The challenge was complex because those involved came from competing organisations across different engineering disciplines.

We worked with their project team and the top team, demonstrated the value of using an SF approach and then ran 13 workshops for them in a year, both internally and with other contractors.

The SF approach encouraged collaboration and the workshops were successful. With much extra work from the project team the company achieved its savings target.

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Register for our regular articles and to gain access to our library of over 180 articles. We guarantee never to share your details with anyone.
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Our facilitated approach differs from traditional consultancy

How We Are Different

How Might We Resolve A Complex Challenge?

Design your preferred solution and initiate steps to progress towards it. Our tailored Solution Focus (SF) approach is ideal to tackle challenges with many stakeholders and interconnected issues.

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How Might We Innovate to Maximise An Opportunity?

Create a well thought through proposition with a strategy to execute it quickly. Our creative, yet structured Inn8 Approach enables your multifunctional team to innovate quickly.

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How Might We Achieve Tough Targets?

Develop a strategy with your team to achieve targets and progress quickly. Our Team Impetus (ski jump) Approach will engage hearts and minds and provide the impetus to succeed.

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