How Might You Innovate Quickly to Exploit Opportunities?

Create an innovative proposition and a strategy to execute it, faster than you dreamed with Yes! And’s Inn8® Workshop Programme.

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Here’s How

Use our Inn8® Workshop Programme over 3 separate or contiguous days to provide you with a great return on investment. We facilitate and coach your  people through the Programme. They think the opportunity through creatively, in a structured way, deliver a high value proposition and shape a strategy to execute it. Interested?

 “Really they are outcomes that we wouldn’t have dreamt that we could have achieved over just two or three days of activity without using the Inn8 Programme.” Chris Dixon, Unipart Technology Logistics.

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If you would like to learn more about our Inn8® Workshop Programme for large opportunities, please download the brochure here: Inn8 Workshop Programme Brochure.

If you would like to learn more about our Inn8® Workshop Programme for major bids, please download the brochure here: Inn8 Bidding brochure.

If you would like to experience our service before you seek a full Inn8® Workshop Programme, we have a half day taster workshop to introduce your team to us, the Inn8® Approach and its components. Download the brochure here: Taster Inn8 Workshop Programme brochure

Case Study Video

Unipart Technology Logistics

In this video, Chris Dixon of Unipart Technology Logistics discusses why they use Yes! And’s Inn8® Workshop Programme and the benefits they gained from it.


Download the Transcript

Read the transcript of the interview with Chris Dixon:

Maximise Opportunities CD interview transcript.

Case Study – Innovate With Less Risk

Would you like to understand how you can reduce the complexity of innovation by innovating? Either read our case study ebook Innovate with less risk  or, alternatively, download the article Innovate with Less Risk Article.

Article – Make Your Bids More Innovative

Fly high. Make your next major bid more innovative, differentiate it from the competition and improve your margins using our Inn8® Workshop Bidding Programme.

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Article – Foster an Innovative Climate

If you would like to understand how to foster an innovative climate in your organisation, please read our article.

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Use a Structured Approach

You use the Inn8 Model structure. At each stage the team thinks creatively and logically and decides whether to proceed


Engage Multi Function Teams

Your multi-function team of up to 16 people, innovates in a collaborative, participative, thought provoking and engaging workshop programme.


Innovate to Learn

Each workshop is an operational event. Learn Inn8® as you innovate, using our Inn8® guide. If you wish, we can train your people to facilitate your Inn8® Workshop Programmes.


Provide Flexibility

Your workshop is facilitated as separate days or as a block, at a time and location convenient for you, on or off site.


Document Evidence

At each stage in the Inn8 Model there is a clear output. We fully document this evidence for you in different formats.


Initiate Faster

The programme requires little lead time to initiate and the reasonable investment reduces decision making time.


A Valuable Outcome with Low Risk

Develop an innovative proposition with an execution strategy and reduce time wasted on fruitless opportunities.


Greater Acceptance for Solutions

When all stakeholder departments explore and develop an opportunity, you gain a higher quality solution, build relationships and implement quicker.


Avoid training bills and dependency

You spend nothing on initial training; your require no company wide training. Become independent of us when you wish.


Fit Around Your Operational Needs

Fit the workshops around your needs and ease pressure on your operation and on your people.


Convince Stakeholders More Easily

Clear evidence lets you build a business case quickly and sell your innovative solution to decision makers more easily.


Innovate Quicker

Plan less, start the programme sooner and innovate faster than with alternative solutions.



Unipart Technology Logistics (UTL)

UTL use the Inn8 Approach because it is very practical, they learn as they innovate and they obtain an innovative proposition immediately.

During their first Inn8 workshop they created two propositions that will potentially change their service delivery to all their customers, outcomes they did not dream of achieving over 3.5 days by alternative means…

What they really like about Inn8 is that it is a structured process that fits around their operation and is simple enough for them to use within a short time, without outside help. “It means that the actual result is much better than it otherwise would be.”  Chris Dixon. Watch the video above,  or download the transcript.

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Our facilitated approach differs from traditional consultancy

How We Are Different

How Might We Resolve A Complex Challenge?

Design your preferred solution and initiate steps to progress towards it. Our tailored Solution Focus (SF) approach is ideal to tackle challenges with many stakeholders and interconnected issues.

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How Might We Innovate to Maximise An Opportunity?

Create a well thought through proposition with a strategy to execute it quickly. Our creative, yet structured Inn8 Approach enables your multifunctional team to innovate quickly.

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How Might We Achieve Tough Targets?

Develop a strategy with your team to achieve targets and progress quickly. Our Team Impetus (ski jump) Approach will engage hearts and minds and provide the impetus to succeed.

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