Creative Ideas in Ten Minutes [Yes! And blog 152]

An eBook that shows you how to create ideas in ten to sixty minutes

Blackberries As a Metaphor for Idea Generation

Blackberry Picker

I am busy writing eBooks for my web site and thinking of a topic for a blog

at the same time. So I thought “why not combine the two?”

It will make a nice change for me and hopefully for you too.

So this week, I will summarise the eBook and you can then link to it if you wish to.

The eBook combines two older blogs in to one book, with illustrations.

I like to think it is user friendly and good to download to your phone, pad or computer.

Download it here: ebook Creative Ideas in 10 Minutes final.

Summmary of eBook

Creative Ideas in Ten Minutes

In this eBook you will find how blackberry picking is a great analogy for idea generation. From low hanging fruits, to hidden gems, tangles in the brambles to maggots on steroids, it can all be related.

Add to this six tools for idea generation. You can use one in ten minutes or all six in sixty. They include DREAMERS; 5W & H; Get Fired; Where in the World; Yes! And…; Random Connection and a bonus tool.

If you need to run or are planning to run an idea generation session and don’t have a lot of time, this article will provide you with some thoughts on how to do it. Download it here.

To Close

I would love to receive your feedback on the eBook. Please let me know if you like it and how I can improve it!

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