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The quickest way to stop people generating new ideas is to belittle the deliverer of creative ideas …

 “Scudamore made his first sensible move in 19 days by calling time on his crazy idea.”

Daily Mail

Avoid condemning the ideas person

“Maybe not then…”

Have you ever had an idea stamped on…how did it make you feel?

On the tube recently, I noticed the back page of the “Daily Mail” and the quotation above. The “crazy idea” referred to, was to hold a 39th game of football for each team in the English Premier League. They would play in places like Australia and China, so fans in those countries could see top teams, like Manchester United, Chelsea and Fulham (joke there for English football supporters), play locally.

Reading the article further, I came across some colourful phrases related to the idea, “subjected to worldwide derision”, “an abuse to football”, “humiliating circumstances” and “giant gaffe”. Other newspapers have printed articles on a similar theme.

I could write another article on “selling the idea” (and probably will) but for this one, let’s focus on the reaction to the idea, which has been hysterical to say the least.

Richard Scudamore is the Chief Executive of the English Premier League, a league that gets a lot of money from international business e.g. TV rights, sales of kit etc. It is surely his job to develop new ideas for the League and its teams to make more money internationally; and more money invested in the country is good for United Kingdom Inc. Whilst this idea may not be the right one for many reasons, surely we should encourage people to generate ideas and not damn them for it, if we want them to create and float further ideas.


Does this case make you think of any organisations where people have been damned, derided or scoffed at for coming up with a fresh idea? Let’s not criticise those who come up with ideas that may not be ideal. If we dislike the idea, let’s say so, but let’s praise the person who created it and encourage more ideas. Otherwise, our country, organisations and teams will become places that are full of risk averse people who never voice an opinion lest it be shot down.


Do you know of someone who has had an idea quashed and people are deriding them? Dare to be different. Send them a note of support and encourage them to come up with more ideas.

To close

Coincidentally, the day before writing this article I received a message from my friend Richard Nugent, “the football consultant”, launching his new website. He provides coaching to all types of people in the football (soccer) industry.

I did think about passing the link on to Richard Scudamore but I don’t know his e-mail. So I had the creative idea of trying out the theory of “six degrees of separation” (which says we can pretty much contact anyone through six connections) through the Gorilla network. So if you know someone who might know Richard Scudamore, pass this link on: www.successinfootball.com .

If you think it’s a bad idea, criticise the idea, not me!

Have some great ideas this week.

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