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“You have the capability to lead. Even if others are not yet ready to follow you can still lead yourself. You can be a leader of one.”   

John Brooker inspired by the words of Tony Robbins

Do you want to be a creative leader?

I once attended an Anthony Robbins weekend “seminar”. It was an awesome event. I can best describe it as a self development rock concert, so may I suggest before you read on, you put on the music that most makes you want to dance round the room screaming “Yes”.

Tony is a motivational coach. He has a lot of thoughtful information to impart, delivering it with an enthusiasm that fires up 12000 people (and that’s before the fire walk).

One point he made that resonated with me I have written as the quotation above. Read it again.

Does this ring true with those of you trying to enhance creativity and innovation in your organisation but finding it a challenge?


At times, that challenge can daunt you, especially if others are not yet ready to follow. If others are unwilling, there is still something you can do. You can focus on you leading you to be consistently creative, to build your own creative climate and to lead by example.

Here are six ideas to be your own creative leader. You might like to develop this list to suit you.

  1. Develop a vision for what your work place or home life will be like when YOU are being truly creative and innovative. What will it look, feel, sound, taste and smell like? What plan do you have to achieve that vision?
  2. Actively seek external inspiration to act as a catalyst for your creativity. You could do something simple – search for ideas on the Internet, listen to a different radio station, use alternative transport to get to work, or watch a TV programme you would normally never watch. Alternatively you may consider attending events like an exhibition or concert that are alien to your interests or not directly relevant to your work. You might even start a conversation with a stranger, but that may be a bit too much for shy Gorillas!
  3. Build on the ideas you generate. Do the same for the ideas of others. Don’t negate. Remember, “Yes And” not “Yes But…”
  4. Use the scores of available techniques to broaden your analytical thinking and spark your creative thinking.
  5. Make your environment inspiring. How might you do this? Play music? Put travel brochure pictures on your wall? Improve the lighting? Have a picture on your desk of someone who inspires you?
  6. Have a more positive outlook. As Tony Robbins says, (my words again) “Miserable is not unique. There are plenty of miserable people out there. Be the person who stands out. Smile. Be happy. Be curious. Be grateful for what you have.”


If you were to introduce some of these things in to your life, might you become even more creative? Might others notice? People follow role models. If you are modelling creative leadership then you might encourage others to be more creative. And if they don’t follow, and you lead only yourself, at least YOU can be successful through your creativity…


This week, why not implement just one of the ideas given? Or generate an alternative list and implement one of those. Do let me know the outcome!

To Close

The morning I wrote this, I went to a baptism. It could have been just a normal service, but this service involved a large inflatable telephone and a cuddly Christian reindeer named Bjorn (“Bjorn again” was the punch line). It appealed to children and adults alike and the vicar kept everyone involved.

It was this desire to engage people that reflected the vicar’s true creative leadership here; not the telephone and the reindeer. He risked alienating some people, just as creative leaders do in organisations, but I suspect his congregation had grown to trust him. And building trust is an important part of the creative leader’s role.

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