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By meditating you can make yourself more creative and innovative.


“I am very busy today; I must meditate for two hours instead of one.” Mahatma Gandhi

Japanese Garden Kew Meditation

Japanese Garden, Kew

Do you ever get days when you are frayed at the edges?

Imagine the dodgem cars at a fairground.

Cars are flying around in different directions; some hit each other head on, some sideways, some from the rear.

They all bounce as they collide, narrowly missed by the crafty “bravehearts” cruising round the outside.

I’m not sure the above descriptions make much sense in some countries but imagine the cars are the neurons in your brain on a hectic day. There is so much information assaulting your senses you can barely think, let alone be creative.

Have you ever considered meditation?

Lying in yet another hotel bed at four a.m. local time, my brain is a kaleidoscope of information, images running through my mind…if this were a TV script I’d probably say something like “cue dream sequence”…

I see the embarrassment of going for a quick rest break and leaving my lapel microphone on for the delegates to hear…walking in to the ladies changing room in the swimming pool because I didn’t understand the Russian sign (making apologetic sign language as I backed out!)…the dull thud in my head of the two beers I had before bed…

At times like this I find it helpful to meditate. I sat up, meditated for thirty minutes and slowly the dodgem cars began to form an orderly queue around the rink with “careful driver” awards for all.


It is difficult to be innovative when your mind is cluttered. Meditation unclutters it.

I use the Vippasana technique in which you feel sensations in your body. It really does feel like neurons are colliding at first until the sensations dissipate.

Other techniques, perhaps simpler (and less lengthy) to learn are available e.g. breathing techniques, the chanting of mantras, yoga. Why not try one?


Try sitting quietly and breathing in and out of your nostrils, focussing on the air going up and down. When you first start you will find your mind fills with thoughts, but if you focus on your breath, you will find your mind clears.

Alternatively you could sign up for a class!

To Close

Whatever method you choose, you will need to practise to gain best advantage. If you do then you will find that a 30 minutes session will recharge you both mentally and physically, ready to be creative.

Have a relaxing week.

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